Donation Guidelines

Dear Parishioners,

Hope all is well and staying safe.

First, on behalf of HNJ staff, we would like to thank you for your continuous support to our parish and in support to our dear pastor, Msgr. Bauhoff’s weekly letter in the Bulletin. May these difficult times be the most meaningful moments of our lives that we may fully share in the Passion of Christ with all who are suffering in this pandemic. Please help us to fulfill the mission of hope and faith to all.

Secondly, to those who utilize the DONATE online giving through our website, please note of these simple instructions.

Donation Categories: PLEASE SPECIFY

1 – Sunday Giving – please note the Sunday date ex. $100 for 4/05/21

2 – Holy days – please note amt and description for each donation

  1. $20 – Ascension, $50 Easter gift, etc..

3 – Second Parish Collection – please note the amt and the description

  1. $20 – Regional School (Reg. Sch), $10 Fuel, $10 Flowers, etc…

4 – Mass intentions/Dedications – Please email our Parish Secretary at of a specific date to request. Please note the weekend date and the name of deceased/living person that the mass is being offered. The current stipend is $20/person or couple per mass.

5 – Second Diocesan Collection – please note the amt and description


  1. $20 – (Catholic Relief Services) CRS, Holy Land (HL),

6 – Other Pledges – Any other donation including CMA – please specify in the box for proper posting on your account. Big amounts, please let us know if you need a letter as supporting document for your YE taxes.

All praise and all thanksgiving to God for you all generous and faithful parishioners who stand beside us stronger than ever before. God bless you all abundantly!

In God we Trust,

Lorelei-“Bullet” Onglengco

Business Manager


In this new normal that we face temporarily, we would like to implement some simple practices in coming into the rectory.

Please let us know if you need any help or questions. You may email; Maria, OR Lorelei, and we will gladly respond as quickly as possible. We encourage you to call the rectory rather than a personal visit at this time. We try to comply with the guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks for everyone’s safety.

In the event that you need to come to the rectory, please wear your mask and sanitize your hands as you walk in before doing your business transaction.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Together we can beat this COVID-19 with cooperation and being mindful of those who are vulnerable.

Again, please stay well and be safe.

In God we Trust,

HNJ Staff & Management