Easter Message

Holy Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Gerard Manley Hopkins was one of the greatest English poets, one of the greatest religious poets, and one of the greatest Catholic poets. Easter was an important theme in his poems. In “The Wreck of the Deutschland” he wrote: “Let Him Easter in us, be a dayspring of the dimness in us ….” (Perhaps you remember this poem from your studies years ago.)

If I understand the poem and the commentaries on “The Wreck of the Deutschland”, then I think what Hopkins is saying is to let the Risen Lord enter our lives and to welcome Him as a trusted friend because He is life.

Our hope and prayer for all is:

Let Him Easter in us – May this Easter bring us and all God’s people new life despite the pandemic we are experiencing in the world.

Let Him Easter in us – May this Easter break open the tombs of fear, sin, worries, difficulties, problems, and fill us with hope and new life.

Let Him Easter in us – May He bring us new life and fill us with the joy and peace we seek and strengthen us to live in imitation of Him.

Fr. Alex Mariadass also sends his prayers and wishes to all at Holy Name of Jesus as he in a recent email: “This year’s Easter is like the first Easter when the Apostles were terrified and locked themselves indoors. We too are asked to remain indoors and we too are afraid about the Pandemic situation. As the Risen Lord cleared away their fears and brought them peace, let’s also pray and hope that He will restore reach and harmony in the world.”

To all of our parishioners, friends, neighbors and relatives, the Staff at Holy Name of Jesus sends greetings and wishes as we celebrate the great feast of Easter.

With our prayers, our love and hope that we will soon be able to return to our Church and gather around the table of the Lord,

Fr, Bauhoff, Fr. Damian Lee, Fr. John Melepuram, Deacon Chris Sisinni

and the Staff at the Church, Office and Rectory